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AU popstar Lirry

Basically Harry is an international popstar and Liam is his boyfriend.

(words: 1,000)

For Stephanie (AKA Fannyann) I just really liked your idea. I hope this is up to your standers:)

Harry waved to some fans before getting in the cab to go home. He wasn’t the only one who’d missed Liam, his boyfriend. But he was defiantly the one who missed him the most.

The fans- the fans were great with Liam. And Liam was amazing with the fans. That was a hard feat to pull in the industry and Harry knew this. It only made him love Liam that much more.

Harry sat in the cab daydreaming about the tour, Liam, all the fans, Liam, how much fun he had, Liam. He had missed him over the months when his boyfriend couldn’t be with him, sort of like a part of him was missing, like an arm or a leg. Something vital he just couldn’t live without. The cab stopped.

Harry got out and paid the cabbie that took him and grabbed his suitcase. He hadn’t told Liam he was coming home today, he wanted to surprise him. Harry walked up to the door of the flat, suitcase behind him, knocking on the door. He smiled when he heard Liam from coming to open it. Harry kept his head down, with his shades still on when it opened. “Hi,” he said his voice slightly faster. “I’m looking for a Liam Payne?”

“That’ll be me.” Liam said, smiling slightly, almost recognizing the voice. Harry’s heart fluttered like it did every time he was around Liam. “Do you need something sir?” Harry looked up, taking his glasses off. Liam gaped, smiling so wide you’d think it hurt his face. “Why yes. I need to be kissing you, right about now.” Liam chuckled and Harry kissed him.

“I missed you.” Liam said when Harry was done. Harry smiled. “Missed you too.” he picked up his suitcase and walked in, so very glad to be home. He saw the counter littered with gifts and boxes and letters. “What’s all those?” Harry asked pointing to them.

“While I was with you in Australia, the fans sent them. A few were birthday gifts but most are for you.” Harry smiled.

“They love you Li.” Liam blushed. “But not as much as I do.” Liam blushed deeper, it starting to spread to under the collar of his shirt. He looked down. “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming home? I would’ve cleaned and stuff.” Liam muttered.

Harry chuckled. “Because where’s the surprise in telling beforehand?” Liam laughed looking back up at Harry. “You’ve have never stopped amazing me, Styles.”

Liam leaned up a bit more and kissed Harry. “Y’know it’s not that fair. I’m older than you but you’re taller.” Harry laughed, holding onto Liam’s waist. “It’s really not. Some people think that I’m the youngest.” Liam grumbled. “I don’t like that. Stop laughing!” he blushed again. Harry was still laughing.

“You’re cute and it’s nice to be taller than someone.” Liam made a face. “And it only makes you twenty times better.” Liam started blushing again under the affection Harry was showing him. “And they’re all just jealous that they can’t have you and I can.” Liam hit his chest playfully.

“Shut up.” He mumbled. Harry’s stomach rumbled and it was Liam’s turn to laugh. “Hungry?” He asked Harry. Harry nodded making a face at the airplane food he so very much hated. “Wanna go out tonight? It’s been awhile since we did.”

“Sure.” Harry smiled at him. “Italian?” Liam shrugged.

Liam chuckled. “I see no reason not to.” Harry smiled at him. Liam went and got his coat, not really in the mood to be cold since the temperature had dropped an exceeding amount. Harry wrapped his arms from behind Liam, smelling his musky sent and smiling. “I missed you.” He muttered again, giving Liam a tight squeeze. Liam smiled, pulling Harry along with him to the door.

Once they were out and walking down the road- Harry had flat out refused to go in a car, wanting to be as close as possible to Liam. Plus the restaurant wasn’t that far of a walk for them. Harry’s breath fogged as he talked about all the places he saw while Liam was stuck at home. Liam nodded and listened, interested to a point. “You’re bored aren’t you?” chuckled Harry. Liam nodded, blushing and feeling rude.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, looking down at the ground. Harry shook his head. “Don’t be sorry, love. I would be too if it was you telling me all this.” Liam blushed even more. Harry wrapped an arm around him, pulling him closer. He could hear some fans notice him and Liam gape. Then there were about four girls in front of them.

Liam smiled politely and let Harry do his thing. When one asked for a picture, he moved to the side, but she asked Liam if he could be in it too. He smiled standing on the left side of the girl, Harry on the right. She thanked them and gave them both big hugs before leaving with her friends, squealing and talking. “Well…” Liam said, taking Harry’s hand again. Harry chuckled. “I told you Li, they love you.”

Liam blushed again. “It’s only because I’m with you.” He muttered.

“No, Li, it’s because they can also recognize an extremely fit guy.” Liam blushed, not saying anything. “And because you are dating an extremely fit international star.” Harry said smugly. Liam chuckled.

“Modest much?” Harry laughed with him. They got to the restaurant and ate some food. Harry looked at Liam from across the table. Liam looked up. “Yes?” he asked, chuckling a little. Harry blushed.

“Oh nothing. Just wonder why you’re so perfect.” Liam blushed.

“You make me blush a lot.” Liam looked down. Harry smiled. “Then I must be doing my job right.” He stood up and walked to Liam’s side of the table. “Com’n. Let’s go home.”

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